Routes on horseback

You don't need any experience to enjoy the horseback ridesIf you would like to enjoy a nice, quiet ride on horseback through the mountains and roads near Ruiloba, at Posada Ruilobuca we will be happy to arrange this. 

The tours last between two and a half to three hours. You do not need any experience to handle the animals, just follow the guidance of your monitor then simply enjoy the natural delights that open up to you on your ride.

Distancia from Posada Ruilobuca 500 m. 


How to ride a horse

The first thing a rider learns is how to get on (mount) a horse and how to sit on the saddle.

The rider must mounted the horse on the left side as most horses in practice are mounted this way. If you try to mount a horse on the right side, you run the risk of falling off and confusing the animal. This custom of riding on the left side is likely to have come from the time when men wore long swords hanging over their left leg. It was more comfortable to throw their right leg over the horse to mount it from the left, which also carried the weight of the sword. Some horses trained for mountain hiking can be mounted on either side, so that riders can be mounted on the side that has less chance of loss of balance for the horse.

Once mounted, the rider should sit in a relaxed position, firmly in the middle of the saddle. The back should be straight, but not rigid. 


The first thing a rider learns is how to mount the horse